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          First of all, welcome to Anyone utilizing this site has to be a kindred spirit, one who loves to paddle a canoe or kayak, and very possibly, one who also loves or has interest in Prince Edward Island. I am developing as an extension of my newly published Falcon Guide, Paddling Prince Edward Island. After sixteen years of exploring and meeting all sorts of people throughout the Island, I realize that discovering and researching the Island is never finished. To be sure, there are many paddling opportunities that I did not encounter or write about. For the book, I had to whittle down my final 150 sites to 75. Obviously, there are still many wonderful paddling locations that need to be mentioned. With the help of other paddlers, we can share additional  locations not dealt with in the book.  There is also a need for paddlers to be able to tell their own stories and describe their favorite paddling haunts in their own words. In the spirit of sharing, I hope that this web-site will become a net-working vehicle for paddlers who live on PEI and those who come from “away.” If you are considering a trip to PEI and are also interested in paddling, or just touring, I, and assuredly others, will be glad to try to answer your questions. If you are going to travel to PEI, I urge you to read Paddling Prince Edward Island  because the book includes many short essays about many and varied topics about the Island. In writing the book, I wanted to create a guide that would be expansive and inclusive, one that if I saw on the book store shelf, I would want to read. In addition to PEI subjects, I hope that the information on this web-site will be helpful and interesting for paddlers in general who may or may not be visiting PEI. For example, one of the first topics on  will consider  turning your canoe into a powerful rowing machine, which provides great pleasure and efficiency. This will be followed by discussions about double-blade paddling, motoring, and sailing your canoe.

    So, let’s continue the dialogue about paddling activities that nurture our enthusiasm and joy.

Paddling Prince Edward Island

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The book is now in publication!!   Please follow this link if you would like to purchase a copy: Paddling PEI